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audio anomalies

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Sirona News - Siro789 to Siro799 [22 Jan 2017|07:09pm]

[Siro799] zheimeer - nineteen twenty
[Siro798] Concealed Sequence - Sequence Concealed (2008-2016)
[Siro797] Martin Fahy - "...when my heart's fire rages out of control..."
Siro796] Liam Nixon - Heaven in Hell
[Siro795] Night Haze - Integrity Within Change
​[Siro794] Pollux - Broken Wing Remixed (Extention)
[Siro793] Samuel Bone - Fluctuous
[Siro792] BVBEL - PRDX²
[Siro791] Pollux - Rmxd#1
[Siro790] Pollux - Rmx#1
[Siro789] Brunnen - Selbst
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Sirona's New Release [12 Jun 2016|06:07pm]


[Siro782] Swin Deorin - Moonflower EP
[Siro781] Pogohm - Spank
[Siro780] c4 - in conclusion
[Siro779] Samuel Bone - Lip Rails
[Siro778] Concealed Sequence - Nonlocality
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Great Experimental Indie-Rock Band! [11 Aug 2015|05:57pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Free Streaming and Downloading (320KBPS-MP3) via player.  Great for mixtapes!

Life Like Thunderstorms

"Awkward Balance"

Release Date: July 23, 2015 (Altered State Reflections)

1.) Resonate (4:16)

2.) Sneak Attack (3:48)

3.) Deeply Lucid (3:39)

4.) Blazing Paths (2:55)

5.) Instant Kujo (2:03)

6.) Improv Ambient Bass Jamm In The Key Of D (3:12)

7.) Fleeing Dreams (3:39)

All Music Written And Played By Jared C. Balogh in Spring/Summer of 2015

"Awkward Balance" recorded by Jared C. Balogh at Altered State Reflections

Awkward Balance" is released on Altered State Reflections (ASR109)

Lisa Farrow appears on Ukulele on song "Improv Ambient Bass Jamm In The Key Of D"

Sample Credz:

"Instant Kujo" samples used from movie "Cujo"

"Fleeing Dreams" samples from "unknown documentary"

Artist/Net Label Info:






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[PICPACK212] Syd-e - Nirvana Bleach | picpack.org.ua [22 Nov 2014|04:22pm]



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Sirona-Records (Netlabel) News [13 Sep 2014|09:04am]


[Siro746] Various Artists - The 8kbps Compilation
[Siro745] REISEBÜRO86 - 86
[Siro744] Kamikaze Deadboy - Ghosts On Tape II
[Siro743] Meklabor - Prima Vara
[Siro742] Alien Operator - Energy Within Us
[Siro741] Pollux - Skullscape
[Siro740] Hynra - Sound of Jasmine
[Siro739] Blaming Waves - Post Brown Curses Last for Long
[Siro738] Concealed Sequence - Metamorphosis
[Siro737] Alex Spalding - Feelings
[Siro736] LeveL -1 - An 8-Bit Tale
[Siro735] Emerge vs Elektrojudas - Tangled
[Siro734] Dawktah - Soirée d'adieu - Single
[Siro733] Blastculture - Remain Relaxed
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Sirona News [14 Aug 2014|04:39pm]


[Siro732] Shining Trapezohedron - Finger Food
[Siro731] Jared C. Balogh - Bass Bliss
[Siro730] 2nnt - Portal of Psyclopsidae
[Siro729] Etrange Magie - l'Essence de Sodome
[Siro728] For Lunar Dust - simple things
[Siro727] copor - sea
[Siro726] Golgotha Communications Ltd. - Life on a piece of tape II
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[Siro725] to [Siro709] - Free Download Music from Sirona-Records [07 Jul 2014|06:12pm]


[Siro725] Outlaw Lumberjacks - To NY Montagne, R
[Siro724] M & D - Night Sessions
[Siro723] Helyptronics - La nébuleuse autophage
[Siro722] Flying Dedalus - Look Up
[Siro721] Fabio Crivellaro - Monophobic-Homemade
[Siro720] Redsk - Through All The Years I've Suffered All The While Laughing Like A Loon Vol. 1
[Siro719] Ike Harold - Red EP
[Siro718] Body Smasher - Test Drive
[Siro717] Nihilistic Delusion - Overthrown
[Siro716] Rootea - Have You Time To Think...
[Siro715] Blaming Waves - Unoralité In Undercare EP
[Siro714] St-Petersbourg - EP
[Siro713] Various Artists - The 3 Years Anniversary Compilation
[Siro712] Swin Deorin - Mistral EP
[Siro711] Konsumprodukt - Some tracks from the past (2001-2004)
[Siro710] Ike Harold - Green EP
[Siro709] Alien Operator - Realms Are Unlimited
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psychedelic earth jams [16 Jul 2013|07:46pm]


Baltimore based new age psychedelic marimba/xylophone/electronic artist Rod Hamilton.
Hamilton has performed and recorded with an array of Baltimore musicians such as Dustin Wong, Wye Oak, Dan Deacon, and Zomes to name a few.
Lovely audio landscapes are fresh and rejuvenating. Feels like jumping in a cold lake on a sweaty summer day.


#Baltimore #NewAge #Psychedelic #Marimba #Xylophone #Trance #Ambient #World
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[PICPACK189] Cede - Agnec | picpack.org.ua [17 Nov 2013|06:00pm]


Catalog ID:
Type :
mp3 (320kbps)


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ОЗГИШ НОМЕР ПЯТЬ http://rusfolder.com/38808722 [17 Nov 2013|05:50pm]

Острые социально-политические памфлеты и воспевание бытового алкоголизма от Нурика Номада. Потрясающий кинематографизм и мракобесие от Лёхи Зуда. Лиричное непоймичто от вашего покорного слуги. Изюм от групп ПироГи, Гром и Бром и от Гнома. Всё это он, ОЗГИШ НОМЕР ПЯТЬ (привет, Курт Воннегут!)
Качать здесь http://rusfolder.com/38808722
Всем Озгиш, дорогие господа поцоны и дамы!

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Diabolical Device - Metro nom [04 Sep 2013|06:19pm]


Diabolical Device - Metro Nom (ZIP)

320kbps - August 2013
Rhythmic Noise / Other

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Baltimore Music [19 Jul 2013|02:09pm]

Baltimore based new age psychedelic marimba/xylophone/electronic artist Rod Hamilton.
Hamilton has performed and recorded with an array of Baltimore musicians such as Dustin Wong, Wye Oak, Dan Deacon, and Zomes to name a few.
Lovely audio landscapes are fresh and rejuvenating. Feels like jumping in a cold lake on a sweaty summer day.


#Baltimore #NewAge #Psychedelic #Marimba #Xylophone #Trance #Ambient #World

atitlan for bandcamp
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EugeneKha - Lost In The Sands [24 Apr 2013|04:57pm]


Artist: EugeneKha
Album: Lost In The Sands
Label / Release Date: Treetrunk Records | 2013
Style: Ambient, Soundscape, Dark Ambient.
Time / Quality: 47:01 | MP3, 320 kbps

DIRECT LINK (Streaming & Download)

1. Bells Of Epoch (Part 1) (5:05)
2. A Scanner Darkly (6:31)
3. Bells Of Epoch (Part 2) (5:13)
4. Lost In The Sands (Re-Mix 2013) (12:32)
5. Bells Of Epoch (Part 2 - Fog Mix) (5:23)
6. Lost In The Sands (Atmospheric Mix) (12:17)
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VA - ozgish prod presents. live in SD [23 Apr 2013|11:03pm]

OZGISH продуксьён представляет:

сборник "Лайв ин СД", самые неординарные и зажигательные композиции, записанные живьем в Свинцовом Дирижабле за отчетный период с января 2012 по январь 2013 года. Осторожно, ненормативная лексика. mp3 128kbps 173mb общее время звучания 3ч 16м. ссылка для скачивания http://rusfolder.com/35917085 зеркало https://mega.co.nz/#!M08QBIIK!OWicMx0zHUr5vg78jayH-wGNLnMLid89pmZ8-Nm5OAY

трек листCollapse )
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V/A - Ours In Space Fest / Наши в космосе (Live Album) [20 Apr 2013|10:51pm]


Artists: Various Artists
Release Name: Ours In Space Fest / Наши В Космосе (Live At White Clouds Centre 2013-04-12)
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Style: Live Ambient, IDM, Free Improvisation
time: 91:59
Format: Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3

DIRECT LINK (More Info, Streaming and Free Downloads)
Mirror Site

1. EugeneKha - Ours In Space (Set 1) (34:58)
2. Green Ice Cream feat. German Olshuk - Ours In Space (Set 2) (37:48)
3. German Olshuk (Psyjazz), EugeneKha, Green Ice Cream - Ours In Space Final Jam (19:13)

"Наши в космосе" – микро-фестиваль посвящен одному из самых возвышенных, незамутненных идеологической пылью празднику - Дню космонавтики.
Ours In Space Fest – the micro festival is devoted to one of the most sublime, not turbid by an ideological dust to a holiday - to Day of astronautics.
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[P36-071] Various Artists - Circuits Imprimés vol. 03 [14 Feb 2013|01:42am]


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Circuits Imprimés vol. 03
Catalog#: P36-071
Format: 22 x File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps
Released: 10 February 2013
Genre: Abstract, IDM, Breaks, Glitch, Ambient
Label: Pavillon36 Recordings

Notes: After the first part which was a tribute to the netlabels scene
& the second part with our main artists, here it comes 'Circuits
Imprimés vol. 03'. This time we invited some of our favorite artists to
make their own 'PCB' sound. A nice way to celebrate 5 years of our
netlabel. Abstract, IDM, Glitch or whatever the style, you'll find on
this final volume some great interpretations of what we call 'Circuits
Imprimés'. We hope we have succeeded to connect all this electronic
components together to achieve a complex electronic circuit. But those
'PCB' tracks are not intended to be printed only on your hard drive, but
to be printed in your brain...

Compiled by Pleq & Syndrôm

Download Zip: http://archive.org/download/P36-071/P36-071.zip
Listen/Download: http://pavillon36-recordings.bandcamp.com/album/circuits-imprim-s-vol-03

01. Valance Drakes - The Gift Of Eternity
02. Maps And Diagrams - Tajuissaan
03. Roel Funcken - Buron Hin
04. Architect - Creme Cuts
05. Dirk Geiger - The 27th Letter
06. C.H. District - Hqr Kioob
07. Syndrôm - Connected
08. Karsten Pflum - Coil Up Swedish Pony Riding
09. EU - Broken Dub
10. Pleq and Hajimeinoue - Motion Light
11. Lauki - Noon
12. Sifa Dias - Transmit 49
13. The Green Kingdom - 85
14. Sense - 454J
15. Yvat - Accession
16. Joel Tammik - Paat
17. Tim Koch - Mocean
18. Joseph Auer - Harajuku (Lackluster Pitchmix)
19. Fedaden - Rmnt
20. VNDL - Turbine
21. Poborsk - Uneven
22. Tapage - Removed
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EugeneKha - That We Hear [12 Dec 2012|04:42pm]


Artist / Album: EugeneKha | That We Hear
Label / Date: Echoes Sounds | December 2012
Style: Field Recordings, Soundscapes
Time / Format: 40:50 | FLAC, mp3 (320 kbps)

Release Page | Archive.org | EugeneKha
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Toxic Chicken - And A Loaf Of Cheese (SPNet101) [14 Mar 2013|11:47pm]


SPNet101 - Toxic Chicken - And A Loaf Of Cheese
Mostly 256kbps - 15 minutes, 7 seconds
File under: Electronic, IDM

01 - Toxic Chicken - Sampled Love (3:50)
02 - Toxic Chicken - My Dog Sleeps (2:05)
03 - Toxic Chicken - One Minute Man (1:05; 320kbps)
04 - Toxic Chicken - Dodgy Lodgers In Bohemian Grove (2:53)
05 - Toxic Chicken - The Lazy Pensioner (1:22)
06 - Toxic Chicken & Ech(o) - You Are Not The Only One (3:52; 192kbps)

If there is one thing Toxic Chicken (alias Covolux, Kai Nobuko, SPTOtfSP, half of Monster Weird, and many others) has proven over the project's prolific career, it is that even the most obscure subject can turn it into a catchy, memorable track.  Such is the case with And A Loaf Of Cheese, which takes topics like lazy old people, sleeping dogs, and of course cheese and turns them into fun beat-driven experiences full of joy.  Toxic Chicken has kicked off the next 100 SPNet releases with a light-hearted romp that will only leave the listener wanting more.

Release page on archive.org


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U'MICRO - С чистого листа (2013) [19 Feb 2013|02:48pm]


U'MICRO - С чистого листа (ZIP)

320kbps - February 2013
Rap / Hip-Hop / Crew


01 - Кулер – Разбитые часы (kavabanga prod.)
02 - Esenin MC – Паранойя (Killamen prod.)
03 - K1r Loco – Тут нет людей (Ганджу prod.)
04 - MarshalL – Всю ночь (TommBeats prod.)
05 - РИО – Бессмысленно (prod. РИО)
06 - Plam – Позитив (Plam prod.)
07 - Кулер – Без декораций (при уч. Zhanna) (srednii prod.)
08 - РИО, Кулер, MarshalL – По кайфу (prod. РИО)
09 - prod. РИО - Freebeat

Total: (27:09)

U'MICRO Website
Sirona-Records Website

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Sirona News [14 Jan 2013|11:08pm]



Icolmkill - Path Of Our Way ZIP)

320kbps - January 2013
Guitar Improvsation / Minimal Drone / Delay


01 - Forge An Intro
02 - Place Of Peace
03 - I Want Touch
04 - We Aù Further Back
05 - Emerge
06 - Velope Me
07 - Magnet Of Love
08 - A Outro

Total: 42:10)

Icolmkill Website
Sirona-Records Website


Ghryzly Atoms - Cassandra Complex: Episode 2 ZIP)

320kbps - January 2013
Abstract Hip-Hop / Psychedelic / Ambient / Other


01 - Time, Distance, and Proportion
02 - The Gypsy
03 - Her Second Smile
04 - Moon Cycle (Magdalena)
05 - Agamemnon (Judas Theme)
06 - Phoenix Down
07 - Sandy
08 - Kingdom of Sleep
09 - What Was Missing
10 - The Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics
11 - Stay
12 - Infinity

Total: 27:52)

Ghryzly Atoms Website
Sirona-Records Website


Television Sky - أسود BLACK EP ZIP)

320kbps - January 2013
Ambient / Downtempo / Other


01 - Wet Floors
02 - New Desert
03 - Jitterbugs
04 - Connection

Total: 19:04)

Television Sky Website
Sirona-Records Website


Dædal Sphallðlalia - Confinement ZIP)

160 to 192kbps - January 2013
Dark Ambient / Drone / Soundscape


01 - Derealization
02 - Flooded
03 - Abysmal
04 - Confinement
05 - Transcending

Total: 33:03)

Dædal Sphallðlalia Website
Sirona-Records Website

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